Ford-förarna inför Rally Monte Carlo 2024


Läs vad Ford-förarna Adrien Fourmaux och Grégoire Munster tänker inför VM-premiären 2024, Rallye Monte Carlo.

I kväll torsdag startar Rallye Monte Carlo som är premiärtävling en av Rally-VM 2024. Tidsschema, resultatlänk, tv-sändningar fär Rallye Monte Carlo 2024 finns här.

M-Sport tillhör jokrarna i årets Rally-VM med sin nya besättning. De kommer till start med en ny förarbesättning.

Läs här (på engelska) vad förarna tänker inför tävlingen.

Adrien Fourmaux
– Our Monte-Carlo test went really well and I had a really good feeling with the car on the mixed conditions that we had on the first day. It’s been positive and I was really happy to be back in a Rally1 car.


– On the second day we had a full snow stage, with some tarmac also, but it will be a really interesting drive if the snow comes for the rally. It doesn’t seem like we will have that much snow, but at least we are prepared, we never know in the mountains!

– So now we feel really prepared, but we know that at Monte Carlo you need to be humble. You need to have a lot of respect for this rally; especially this year as we go back into the Alps in the proper mountainous areas, where you can have really difficult conditions with snow and ice. So, for sure it will be a tough one, as it normally is in this area of France, but the real challenge will be the weather and the condition of the stages, avslutar Adrien.

Grégoire Munster
– During pre-season testing we had two good days, one in the snow and one on tarmac. On the snow it went very well, and even though we are not sure if we are going to have those conditions on the rally, if it does then we are fully prepared. For the tarmac testing we got some good mileage, and we tried some different settings and tyre combinations.

– We are fully motivated to start the season well and we are looking forward to getting moving. We want to start the season properly and try to finish the rally by not making mistakes.

– If we kick off the year on a positive note, we can carry on the momentum and build up the pace throughout the season.